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Voice control

We are integrating a microphone into a charging station, which would allow you to interact with your cube through voice commands!

App store
for the cube

Cuberia is an app store for the cube. Cool linux allows to create a bunch of apps and games for the cube in dozens of categories available, and the API will allow developers to upload their applications to our app store, so you will never get bored, and can always find something that interests you.

Six screens

The main feature of our cube is a wonderful six screen design where each of the sides of the cube can run a stand-alone application, so you no longer need to switch between apps! Here it is - the real multi-tasking. All you need to do is rotate the cube. And imagine, games and applications on the cube can be run on all six sides at the same time! This is a completely new experience - to drive the snake on all six sides!

Water resistance and strength

Finally, you can check your email while sitting in a bath and play snake under the shower - the cube is absolutely waterproof, is not afraid of rains or aquariums, and even more - it looks fancier under water!

Old school
pixel art

When we were designing the Cuberox, we wanted it to retain the spirit of old school, which lived in all those cool games created 30 years ago, but playing which sounds interesting until this day. Indeed, sometimes a pair of pixels (not dead ones) brings more joy than full-HD 3D stuff that is sometimes even hard to learn to play.

New types of control

Nowadays, even bottles of milk have touch screens, and we wanted to add some new types of controlling to the cube to let you have fun. Cuberox can be controlled by swings, clicks, snaps and shakes. Try it - it's cool and simple!

Linux fledge

Cuberox is not just a couple of chips and wires. Cuberox is a full-fledged computer on a board with installed Arch Linux; and you know how cool Linux is! Hey, you can even install Office on your cube!

Multiplayer games

You can play games on the cube with your friends over network, race you pixel-car or send messages. It is all possible thanks to the Cuberox system, and of course, the Internet.


We create the API for developers, which will allow them to make custom apps and games for the cube. In addition, we use the JavaScript language, which is now one of the most popular and simple languages. Making your own app for Cuberox will be interesting and easy for both children and adult bearded programmers.

Wireless charging

Cube is a modern gadget and we have created a stand for the cube, which will charge it without any wires - just like in science fiction movies. In addition, this stand can do a couple of other tricks :)

Apps for Cuberox


Old-school games in a new wrapper on the six sides. Snake in 6D and multidimesnional Tetris - fun guaranteed. Nostalgia and the new features - is an explosive cocktail.


Use the cube as smart alarm in the bedroom or recipes handbook in the kitchen. Find out the current weather or time, without taking your phone out of your pocket.


Always keep a pulse on what is happening in the world, watch out for stocks, do not miss an important email, and all that - without being distracted by unnecessary things and not wasting time.

Social networks

What if you miss something important? How do you know what your firends think and whom do they like, if your mobile ran out of battery

Social games

Imagine games that you can play the whole company on the one device. Bottle, reaction games, "make a wish", and much more. One cube will captivate eight people for the whole evening!


Alphabet and geometric figures for the youngest, mathematics and memory improvement games for elder ones. With the cuberox, you can solve puzzles, learn new things, and develop your skills.

Network games

Connect your cuberox to wifi and play games with your friends online. It is easy set up or connect to a multiplayer game via your smartphone!

Sport and fitness

Cuberox will help you achieve your fitness goals by reminding of a scheduled workout and displaying preset exercise elements, so you never skip an essential step.

Your own apps

Didn't find the application that you need? Code your own, it's very easy!

Cuberia - App store for the cube

If you don’t have an app that you need or want, you can check out our Cuberia – the app store for Cuberox, where you can access and download hundreds of applications from every category or scope of interest. Using Cuberia is as easy as using an App Store on your device.

API and custom applications

We create the API for developers, which will allow them to make custom apps and games for the cube. In addition, we use the JavaScript language, which is now one of the most popular and simple languages. Making your own app for Cuberox will be interesting and easy for both children and adult bearded programmers.

We have developed special module for Node.js, which will allow you to easily create custom applications for Cuberox using JavaScript. More than 127,000 packages in NPM allow for almost unlimited possibilities and functions.

Cuberox is a full-fledged computer with six displays and modern technologies inside, and you can customize it the way you want, program it to show you what you need to see and share your application or game via a dedicated app store.

Creating custom apps for Cuberox is as easy as, for example, using arduino.
Here is an example of one of our apps to show time on Cuberox:

Of course, you can use npm modules, that will allow you for example:


Technical specs:

CPU: iMX233 ARM926J processor@ 454Mhz


4GB SD CardFor more than 8000 applications

Battery capacity: 7800mAh

Vibro feedback

Accelerometer & Gyroscope

WiFi and Bluetooth connection

Software specs:

Arch LinuxWith 3.16 kernel

Node.js support with Cuberox API


Dustproof and waterproof body made of polycarbonate. We're trying to make it as thin as possible, so space between side pixels is not significant.

Size: 3.94x3.94x3.94 inches (100x100x100 mm)

Wireless Charging Stand

Charging has never been so strong and multifunctional

Multi-color backlightMore than 256 color for lamp, notifier or mood
Magnet buttonHard reset and power switch
SpeakersFor loud and surround sound
Micro USB PowerDC 5V 2A

Size and Weight

Width/Deph: 3.94 inch (100 mm) Height: 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) Weight: 4.48 ounces (127 gram)

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About us

By contributing to our project and helping us you will not just get a great product, but also kick-start a young company, consisting of three passionate and dedicated engineers with many exciting ideas and visions.

Dmitriy Popov - Co-Founder, CMO: PR, marketing, website and design.

Ilia Lisunov - Co-Founder, CEO: Development of the project and software engineering.

Viacheslav Kim - Co-Founder, CTO: Hardware developer and technical director.

Raisa Popova - Our designer who is in charge of our website, applications and photos.

Alexey Norkin - Thanks for this awesome video and photos that you've made for us.

Thanks Blindmoore for this happy music track, that we've used in our video.

Special Thanks

MPublish - Design and creation of mobile applications

DoubleV - Design and creation of logo

Hab - Technical development and prototyping